Authority After Discussion

Authority After Discussion (authority rule after discussion)
The autocratic nature of decision making is less when compared to the first method. Because the authority rule after discussion method considers the opinions or opinions of more than one member of the organization in the decision making process.
Thus, decisions taken through this method will improve the quality and responsibility of its members as well as the emergence of the speed aspect (quickness) in decision making as a result of efforts to avoid the process of discussion that is too broad. In other words, the opinions of members of the organization are highly considered in the decision-making process, but the autocratic behavior of the leader, the group is still influential.
This decision making method also has a weakness, namely the members of the organization will compete to influence the decision maker or decision maker. This means how the members of the organization who express their opinions in the decision making process, trying to influence the group leader that his opinions that need attention and consideration.

Frontliner - Definition, Tasks, Types, Functions, Conditions
Frontliner - Definition, Duties, Types, Functions, Requirements: Hearing the word Frontliner sounds unfamiliar to ordinary people, we only often hear the word customer service and teller, even though both of these are types of positions from the frontliner.

Frontliner Definition
Frontliner is a job category in a company usually banking and other services. In general, front liners are tasked to serve customers directly.

Frontliner's duty
The task of the frontliner to provide customers with clear information is the main task of this type of work. A Frontline must look attractive and polite, because to reflect the image of the company where he works.
A frontline must have the following behaviors namely, be sincere smile, warm face and full of enthusiasm, regard the customer as an important person, always listen to a customer's needs, always mention the name of the customer, have good body language, have good product knowledge, and finally have a neat pregnancy.

Frontliner Position Types
Positions in the frontliner may include the following:

Customer Service
Customer service is an activity that aims to provide a service or service to clients, consumers, customers and others - in solving a problem that is being experienced while maintaining a comfort and satisfaction.
The service that can be provided by a customer service is to receive complaints and problems from consumers and provide a solution or a solution to the problem.

Duties and Functions of Customer Service
A customer service must be able and clever in solving a problem or in other ways looking for a way out to solve a problem faced by consumers or customers.
The task of a customer service is to provide a good service and maintain good relations with customers, clients, or customers. Customer service also functions to:

Customer Service Duties
Communicator, by providing information and facilities to customers who need help
Provides information on bank products
Served to Serve bookkeeping and closing customer accounts
Handling complaint, to serve all forms of complaints from customers
Served to serve customers in terms of services or products, (transfers, collections, transfer of passbooks, and others
Carry out the tasks given by superiors