Frontliner Requirements and Teller Duty

Frontliner Requirements and Teller Duty
Tellers are officers of the Bank whose daily work is to serve customers in terms of banking financial transactions by their customers. The task of a stoned in general is to help, handle and provide solutions for all customers who want to conduct banking transactions and provide a cash or non-cash service.

Teller Duty
Tellers have the duty to provide banking services for customers and prospective customers in a bank. The teller function becomes very crucial because every day they are directly dealing with customers, this requires that a teller must look perfect at all times in order to provide the best service to customers.
A teller must arrive on time according to the time of entry, and ensure all equipment is functioning properly, such as a calculator, computer and other equipment
Be friendly to all customers, always greet or breeting and give thanks
Maintain appearance in accordance with bank standards such as how to dress, neat hair, and using Bank ID cards and others.
Every time they make a deposit and withdraw cash a teller is required to do a customer money calculation
Perform a non-cash payment transaction or cash to customers who transact and update transaction data on a computer system.
Obliged to provide receipt slips to customers who transact and sign it as a signature of endorsement
Responsible for the compatibility between the amount of cash in the system and the cash it receives.
The two positions and positions above are part of the frontliner because the function of the frontliner itself is to be the vanguard of a bank that deals directly with customers and prospective customers, a frontliner is required to give an attractive impression every time.
A front liner is also required to be able to give the best impression to customers, have an innovative ability to customers, look good and attractive, can work with teams or work alone, have the ability to communicate well and clearly.

Frontliner Requirements
Must be attractive in terms of face and appearance
Having a professional height and weight
Physically and mentally healthy
Having a strong mentality in terms of serving customers
Have a high sense of humor and curiosity
Energetic and workmanlike
Able to control oneself
Not easily provoked emotions and harsh words
Having a high social life
Having high character
Good at getting along and socializing with the environment
Able to work together and commit to various types of parties

Definition of Power
Power is an authority that can be obtained by a person / group to carry out that authority in accordance with the authority given, authority cannot be exercised beyond the authority obtained or the ability to influence the behavior of people / groups in accordance with the wishes of the perpetrators (Miriam Budiarjo, 2002)
or Power is the ability to influence others to think and behave according to the will that influences (Ramlan Surbakti, 1992).
In public speaking, power can mean group power, state official power, royal power ,. So it is not wrong if power is the ability to influence other parties according to the will who has that power.
Robert Mac Iver said that Power is the ability to control the behavior of other people both willingly by giving commands / indirectly by using all available methods or tools. Power is usually in the form of relationships, some are ruled and some are governed. Humans act as both objects and subjects of power.