Definition of Decision Return According to Experts

Definition of Decision Return According to Experts
Every decision-making process always gets one final choice. At its output can be an action (action) or an opinion on choices. The Following Is An Understanding Of Returning Decisions According To Experts.

1. George R. Terry
According to George R. Terry stated that decision making is an alternative selection of certain behaviors (behavior) from two or more alternatives.

2. S.P. Siagian
According to S.P. Siagian states that decision making is a systematic approach to an alternative nature that is faced and takes an action which according to the calculation is the most appropriate action.

3. James A.F. Stoner
According to James A.F. Stoner Decision making is a process used to choose an action that is a way of solving problems.

4. (Kuswardani, 2006)
According to Kuswardani stated that decision making is an individual who is not satisfied with an existing situation or with the prospect of a future situation and who has the authority to take the initiative in taking steps to overcome a situation.

Types of Decision Makers
1. Auto Generated Decisions
In this one decision the decision was taken quickly and paid less attention, considering data, information, facts, and on the field of the decision.

2. Induced Decisions
And this induced decision is made based on scientific management or scientific management, so that the decision is logical, ideal, rational to implement and the risk is relatively small, the decision making process is slower.

The Purpose of Decision Making
In making a decision having a goal in making that decision can be divided into:

1. A single goal
The sole purpose of decision making is that it occurs when the decision produced only concerns one problem, which means that once decided, it has nothing to do with other problems.

2. Objectives that are dual
The purpose of multiple decision making is that it occurs if the decision produced involves more than one problem, which means that the decision taken is at the same time solving two (or more) problems that are contradictory or that are not contradictory.

Decision Making Function
Decision making as a continuation of the way the problem solving has functions include:
The beginning of all conscious and directed human activity, both individually and in groups, both institutional and organizational.
A futuristic one, meaning that it has to do with the future, the future, where the effect or effect lasts long enough.

Decision Making Techniques
1. Operation Research
is by using a scientific method (which consists of mathematical techniques) in the analysis and solving of a particular problem, the application of this technique is an inventory effort.

2. Linear Programming
is to use mathematical formulas, also called vector analysis.

3. Gaming War Games
is the theory commonly used in determining strategy.

4. Probability
is with a theory of possibilities that can be applied to the calculation of the rationality of things that are not normal, in regard to a decision that is considered and taken into account.

5. Ranking and statistical weighting
Namely by:
Placing various factors that will influence a final decision
weigh a factor that can be compared and included in each alternative.
In the case of choosing a must take a decision called decision making.