Understanding Power According to Experts

Understanding Power According to Experts
The following is an Understanding of Power According to Experts.

Power is the ability of someone who can change other people or groups in a specific way, for example in the power and implementation of his work.

Ossip K Flechtheim
Social power is the entirety of capabilities, relationships and processes that result in obedience from other parties for the goals set by the holder of power.

Ramlan Surbakti
Power is the ability to influence others to behave and think according to the will that influences.

Walterd Nord
Power is the ability to influence the flow of energy and available funds to achieve a goal that is clearly different from other goals.

Miriam Budiardjo
Power is the ability of a human to influence his behavior to someone / group in such a way, so that the behavior becomes in accordance with the desires and goals of the person who has that power (Miriam Budiardjo).

The nature of power
Power is more corrupt tends to be an expression we often hear, in English "Power tends to corrupct". Power can be said to be inherent in one's position or in that person, the explanation above is described as follows:

Position Power, the power that is in a person's position in an organization
Personal Power, the power that is in the person as a social relationship.
Source of Power
The source of power can be in the form of position, wealth or trust. For example a commander of his men or an employer of his employees. In this case subordinates can be prosecuted if they violate work discipline or commit corruption.
The source of power can also be wealth. For example a wealthy businessman has power over a politician or a subordinate who has a debt that has not been repaid.
Power can also come from beliefs or religion. In many places alim ulama have power over their people, so they are considered as informal leaders who need to be taken into account in the decision-making process in that place.

Types of Power
According to MacIver there are three general patterns of power layer / power pyramid system, which are as follows:

The first type (caste type)
is a power layer system with a clear and rigid dividing line. This type is usually found in caste communities, where almost no vertical social movement occurs.

The second type (oligarchic type)
still has a clear dividing line. However, the basis for the differentiation of social classes is determined by the culture of society, especially on the opportunities given to citizens to obtain certain powers. The difference with the first type is that although the position of citizens in the second type is still based on birth ascribed status, individuals are still given the opportunity to move up the layers.

The third type (democratic type)
shows the fact that there will be a dividing line between the layers which are once cars. The birth of a person does not determine a person, the most important is ability and sometimes also the luck factor.