Service Elements and Product Quality

Service Elements and Product Quality
Definition of quality
Service quality
In general, a high level of service will result in high satisfaction and repeat purchases more often. The said quality contains many definitions and meanings, different people will interpret them differently, but from some definitions can be found to have some similarities, although only the way of delivery is usually found in the following elements:
Because quality management involves all activities of all people, all parts, all functions in the organization, it is the responsibility of quality management of all people involved, all parts, all functions of all levels of management, but it must be controlled by top management (top management) , and implementation must involve all members of the organization.

Service Elements
Quality includes effort or superiority meeting customer expectations.
Quality includes products, services, people, processes and the environment
Quality is a condition that is always changing.
Service Quality According to Experts
Tjiptono (2007), So that the definition of service quality can be interpreted as an effort to meet the needs and desires of consumers and delivery accuracy in balancing consumer expectations.
According to Kotler (2002: 83), the definition of service every action or activity that can be offered by one party to another party, which is basically intangible and does not result in any ownership. Production may or may not be related to physical products.

Product quality
Product Quality (product quality) is the ability of a product to carry out its functions including, durability, reliability, ease of operation and improve accuracy, as well as other valuable attributes. To improve product quality the company can implement the "Total Quality Management (TQM)" program. In addition to reducing product damage, the main objective is to improve the quality of total customer value.
This definition emphasizes customer focus. None of the definitions of quality experts is perfect. But from the definitions there are some similarities, namely the existence of the following elements

Product Elements
Quality is intended to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Quality includes products, services, human processes and the environment.
Quality is a dynamic condition, which is always changing (moving target).
Product Quality According to Experts
Goetsch and Davis (1994), Defining quality that is broader in scope, that is quality is a dynamic condition associated with products, services, people, processes and the environment that meets or exceeds expectations. Service quality is one of the important things that must be considered by company managers.
(Lovelock, 1988), Defining In an effort to improve the quality of the company must pay attention and increase the commitment and awareness and ability of employees and staff, especially for those who deal directly with customers. Although quality systems and techniques are correct, good and true quality should not be realized.
Definition of Decision Making and Its Purpose
Understanding Decision Making - Kinds, Objectives, Functions, Techniques, Stages, Elements, Factors, Methods, Experts: Decisions are the result of resolving the problems it faces explicitly.

Definition of Decision Making
Decision making can be considered as an outcome or an output from a mental or cognitive process that leads to the selection of a course of action among the available alternatives.